The rules are simple, do not use your real name, or any personal information. I repeat, do not use any

personally identifiable information.

  1. DO not use or leak personally identifiable information of yourself or anyone in this site.
  2. DO not advertise if it’s not related to your club.
  3. DO not do anything illegal

You are responsible for your stay here. I or anyone else will not be held liable for whatever you do in this site. This site is started on the principles that anything goes as long as it doesn’t result in illegal activity.

Other than that, be respectful of others. Have fun!

Also read the primer on groups and forums here:

Don’t forget to check the docs for any sitewide announcements. There might be updates from time to time. But most of the discussions are happening in the clubs. So join one. I would recommend joining the lobby first

In the lobby group, anything goes. So check for anything interesting there. Who knows you might meet a few people you can invite to join your group.



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