Welcome to Animezine Club

Welcome to Animezine Club where every anime lover can create clubs, talk about their anime and everything else without censorship. This is a hobby site of mine where I wanted to initially grow a community of anime lovers. I first started this one as a blog but then I realize that anime in itself is social and needs to be enjoyed with others. Hence, this site was created. I have exhausted much of the wordpress plugins to include all a community needs.

A groups page, a video and photo sharing space and even a forum within each groups. I hope you enjoy this little corner of the world.

I started this site because I had experience before of facebook frequently disrupting some discussions by censorships.

So as this site group, I hope to create an environment where everyone is free to talk about the anime, characters and worlds they love without fear of being silenced.

Keep it civil, keep it warm and welcoming. Have fun and welcome aboard Animezine.club.

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