One Piece Theory: What happens to Sabo and Hancock? A marineford and enies lobby redux

One Piece Theory: What happens to Sabo and Hancock? A marineford and enies lobby redux

WARNING: Possible Spoilers

This will be a rather quick one and short as I don’t have time to flesh it out just yet. But this have been floating in my head ever since I’ve seen the episodes regarding Sabo and the abolition of Shichibukai. We know that there’s a big news about Sabo as to what that is yet to be revealed. I don’t read the manga so I am not sure if this was already revealed. However, I believe Sabo will be a repeat of Ace in Marineford, only this time, Luffy along with the Strawhat Grand Fleet will parallel Whitebeard and his allies’ daring rescue for Ace. This time however, I think they will succeed. 

I don’t know how but I have a feeling this is one of the few pieces of the coming “end game” that have been hinted from time to time. On the other hand, I believe a separate team will rescue Boa Hancock ala Enies Lobby style. The anime have been setup such that the Strawhats can now mostly operate independently from each other. In other words, the Group no longer needs every member to be at full strength. 

While some detest the idea of Boa losing to Coby, they are sending in Fujitora as well. And while I believe Amazon Lily will put up a valiant defense, I think they will eventually lose to the might of the navy. In the other hand, I also believe that a second scenario could occur. Though Hancock have been portrayed as selfish and self-centered woman in the earlier parts of the anime, I believe her interactions with Luffy have somewhat dented that cool and aloof persona she used to portray.

Now picture this, the navy surrounds Amazon Lily and rather than risk a bloody battle between her Kingdom and the navy, Hancock turns herself in to ensure the continued survival of her kingdom. Having learned some self-sacrifice through Luffy, I believe it is not a far-off scenario for Hancock to do this.

It also gives a major chance for the Strawhats to finally grow as a pirate presence that can stand toe to toe with the Government, rather than just simply running away from it. I believe that all their growth will be useless if they still can’t face the World Government on an even footing. 

This theory is still swimming around my head with no real narrative or evidence to back it up but Oda did promise us a more epic battle than Marineford. Having to simultaneously rescue Hancock and Sabo would make for an interesting fight don’t you think? Besides, I believe that the Strawhat Grand Fleet, when amassed together is very strong in its own right. So it makes sense for it to be “nerfed” somewhat by defe its forces between trying to rescue Hancock and trying to rescue Sabo.

One Piece is rife with Parallelisms and history that repeats, only with different outcome. So I do believe that the Hancock=Robin and Ace=Sabo parallels are not that far-fetched. What do you think? Do you have an idea as to how Hancock and Sabo’s fates will go? How will it affect One Piece and the Strawhats in general? Feel free to discuss in the forums what you think.



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