Three Wholesome Carthu Dojo’s What If Scenarios

Three Wholesome Carthu Dojo’s What If Scenarios

Carthu Dojo is like a simulation channel, changing a small bit of fact from the Dragon ball story and see how it would affect the entire story. Some of the stories can get dark while some can be wholesome. Here are three of the wholesome ones.

Carthu Dojo’s Channel:

What if GOKU and Broly were sent to Earth


Let’s start off light. In this simulation, Broly was sent to planet Earth and grew up as Goku’s Brother. I always felt that Broly was a wasted character as he was never mentioned again and this gives him some time to shine. In fact, in a lot of Carthu’s what ifs, Broly can be featured which warms my heart. He had so much potential only to be forgotten.

What if Future Gohan Survived?


The future arc is a rather depressing and sad story in general. This story completely transforms that into something that you would look forward to. It always bothers me how even if they have dealt with Goku Black, Trunks will have to deal with a broken universe.

This series is definitely worth a watch. There are a lot of heartwarming moments too, especially between Goku and Gohan. You’ll have to watch out for that on your own. Have fun 🙂

What if Goku landed on Beerus’ Planet?


This is a rather odd choice because most of the characters we know and love don’t get to survive. I won’t spoil too much of the story however, taken in its entirety, the story actually leads to a better, brighter future.

This has been one of my favorite Carthu Dojo’s What If Scenarios simply because Goku feels so majestic here, a far cry from the cringe-worthy caricature he had become in Dragon ball Super (sorry Goku fans, I’m not just that much of a fan of Goku in Super, although his action did help save the lower mortal level universes too).

In fact, I like this version so much that I made different scenarios in my head in this article


It’s fun to speculate what the worlds could have been if one tiny detail is switched. A bonus one is when Vegeta made himself immortal. That one have some rather funny interactions as well.

The thing I like about Carthu’s What ifs is that most of the scenarios turn a depressing story or what have been a depressing one into a heartwarming one. I’m a sap for heartwarming endings, even more so when things work alright in the end.

Now what are you waiting for? Go watch another one!


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