What if Goku was sent to Beerus’ planet to become a god of destruction? With three scenarios going forwards.

What if Goku was sent to Beerus’ planet to become a god of destruction? With three scenarios going forwards.

One of the best what if scenarios I’ve seen in the Dragonball universe. A well trained Goku under the guidance of Whis would have been an interesting spin off. Sad about Vegeta’s fate though. However, the rest was great and would actually work as a nice alternate timeline. It’s interesting mulling over the many possibilities with the world that this what if has established.

Disclaimer: to understand this article, it is recommended to watch this video here. (Video not mine, I just like the scenario and the premise presented.)


A setup for something greater

The story on its own lacks any real danger. Maybe because Goku wasn’t in any real danger or maybe because the narration was so chill but personally, there are many ways we can set this premise up for an even grander scale that turns the sense of danger and immediacy up a notch.

Scenario 1: A setup for Zeno takeover

Whis had ulterior motives all along. Rather than just simply seeking to improve the mortal level of one universe, he have been planning to improve all the universes all along. In this timeline, it is easy to setup Broly as Goku’s heir. Why is this important?

Whis would later suggest a takeover for the position of Zeno. Zeno’s power to erase everything ups the stake a lot. And Whis is frustrated, deep down with the childish and arbitrary whims of the current Zeno. With the potential that a God of Destruction Goku has shown, Whis becomes emboldened that Goku sitting at the top would improve the mortal levels of all universes at an even more alarming rate, slowly becoming convinced that replacing the current Zeno is the way forwards.

This will be a tough battle considering that Zeno is powerful and has the power to erase anything from existence. They would need to devise all the forces that every universes could muster.

Goku already had befriended Champa and his next steps would be to gain the allegiance of all the other gods. Of course, he would also need to convince the other angels and the grand priest.

ALTERNATE SCENARIO: OR they could somehow ally together with the rest of the gods of destruction and rebel against the angels, much like how the biblical story goes. I think it would be poetic in that way. With Goku at the helm, who knows what heights all the universes can reach?

Scenario 2: Broly’s Revenge

It was already setup that Broly would somehow remember the past. Should Whis’ memory altering somehow fail due to a trigger or an event, the reckoning and the crisis that Broly will feel will eventually lead him to cause a revolt against Goku.

This is also somewhat possible because it have been setup that the other gods are aware of Goku’s exploits. Gods aren’t immune to jealousy. Their jealousy might lead them to ally together and subvert Goku’s rule.

This in turn would cause the Grand Priest to deem Goku an anomaly that disrupts the order of things and a tournament of power similar to the one in Super would follow. Only this time, it’s the other gods and their best fighters seeking to fight Goku in his own planet universe.

He would need to seek out powerful warriors of his own. But finding none, allows Broly to usurp his power.

ALTERNATIVE: This can also be orchestrated by Champa and Beerus. Embittered by his loss, Beerus trained Broly in secret to challenge Goku. With Broly’s challenge and Goku’s rule disrupted, universe 7 unknowingly awakens an even more ancient evil and they would need to find a way to either revive Goku or restore him at full strength to combat the ancient evil.

Scenario 3: Ascension to Angelhood

The grand priest saw the good work that Goku has done with universe 7. Invites him to the palace of Zeno. His presence inspired the latent maturity within Zeno and this causes friendship between them to bloom. Zeno would then set out to implement a series of reforms that would actively encourage other universes to increase their mortal levels.

Eventually, the Grand Priest allowed Goku a chance to gain angelhood, personal protector of Zeno himself. With universe 7 progressing too well, the rest of the universes have grown jealous or even anxious with the new arrangements, and sought to rebel against Zeno.

An alliance of these angels or gods of destruction somehow nullifies Zeno’s powers and Goku and universe 7 must find a way to defend Zeno. The loss of Zeno cannot be allowed as his presence is what’s keeping an unknown evil at bay.

ALTERNATIVE: An ancient evil reawakens in Goku’s absence. After Goku ascended to angelhood Broly was left the task of governing universe 7. Unknowingly, an even more ancient evil awakens while Goku helps guide Zeno into creating a new universe.


There are many ways where this story could go and I am immensely inspired after watching it. While a lot of our favorite characters wouldn’t have existed, there are also a lot of fun ways to take Dragonball into this direction. Now I’m off dreaming of a world where a smarter Goku exist. What could have been possible? I can only imagine. How about you, what scenarios has this video inspired in you? Are there other what ifs that evoked an inspirational dive within you?


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