5 Proofs that Boruto is just Naruto’s idealized dream in Infinite Tsukiyomi

5 Proofs that Boruto is just Naruto’s idealized dream in Infinite Tsukiyomi

This theory isn’t originally mine there’s a theory that went around for a while stating how Madara has won and has successfully trapped everyone in Infinite Tsukiyomi. The implications are too disturbing and tragic that it keeps replaying at the back of my mind every time I watch Boruto. I like Boruto, mind you. I felt like it’s a refreshing spin off of our dearly beloved anime- an anime that we all watched since childhood.

But there’s that nagging feeling that something’s not right about this anime. Here are 5 proofs to consider that Boruto might just be a dream- dreamed by none other than Naruto himself.

Boruto: The childhood that Naruto didn’t have but wished for.


Spoiled, popular, talented, smart and confident. Boruto is everything that Naruto isn’t, but what he wished for when he was young. Boruto doesn’t seemed to have a rival that challenges him and while there are similarities between his and Naruto’s childhood (like them vandalizing the hokage faces), there are many idealized scenarios where Boruto seemingly leads the team or those around him to victory. And I think this is something that Naruto always wanted as a child.

Convenient plot points.


Momoshiki attacks Konoha when conveniently all the hokage are gathered, and thus the combined might of the shinobi world can challenge him. Although later on he would succeed in kidnapping Naruto, the kage and Sasuke conveniently, yet again, swoops in before he could extract Kyuubi’s chakra. Conveniently, it takes too long for Momoshiki to extract Kyuubi’s chakra and Naruto simply and calmly talks about his failings as a father to Boruto. Conveniently yet again, when everyone was trapped in Momoshiki’s absorbed Shadow possession jutsu, Boruto comes out of nowhere, his jutsu conveniently hits freeing everyone to fight for him. See the pattern yet?

Parallels and fixing Naruto’s mistakes.

The Mitsuki retrieval arc is so much like the Sasuke retrieval arc. Only this time, Boruto actually succeeds where Naruto didn’t. I wouldn’t be surprised that this is just Naruto’s subconscious wanted to be a child again and fix what he couldn’t. And the dream grants him that. Furthermore, returning to the Chuunin exams, the third died while this time Naruto, the 7th didn’t. By the way, how Konohamaru taught Boruto his rasengan (with little supervision) is also similar to the way Jiraiya taught Naruto his rasengan. It is also worth noting that in most of the episodes (apart from the field trip one and Boruto goes to prison arc), it happened in Konoha, which by the way is rebuilt, pristine and advancing much much rapidly.

Mirroring the old, new and the Concepts of Family

It’s not just the fact that Naruto keeps talking about how everyone in the village is his family. It is also worth noting that the families of Boruto’s characters mirrors that of the old. While it can be argued that this is simply because how it was setup right from Shippuden but when you come to think of it, a simpler argument could be that, it’s simply because that’s how Naruto expects the family of these characters to be. And so the dream shapes the world to reflect how Naruto know these families. Ever wonder why most of the characters are just mirror images of their families? I mean yeah, genetics plays a role too but not to the point of an exact copy with a few minor changes.

Dreams Accomplished

Naruto accomplishes his dream of being hokage. He has his own family, which he dreamed of constantly since pre-Shippuden days. The world is in unity despite having its squabbles. Sasuke is also working for the good of Konoha and now almost act like a “brother” or bff to Naruto. They even find a way to fix the Hyuuga clan just like Naruto said he would. All of this ties to Naruto’s wishes, which the dream granted. Oh and Orochimaru is somehow working for them now. At the heart of all these accomplishments is Naruto himself, running the village in his own ideal vision of what the future would be.

The Contradictions

It’s not all perfect for this theory however. There are episodes where some points falls apart like how a lot of Boruto’s classmates are not copy of their parents. Many of the world’s problems still exists. So this can’t be an idealized world that Naruto has always been speaking of and wishing for. There are also many changes that the world of Boruto did that don’t align with this scenario, like Boruto cheating and taking shortcuts.

The time travel dilemma

The time travel arc would have been a perfect time for Naruto’s dream to fix Jiraiya’s death. Naruto and Boruto became friends in this arc and sure it could fall into the argument that again, this is an idealized setting meant to fix Naruto’s loneliness in his childhood. But if this is indeed Naruto’s ideal dream, it would find a way for Jiraiya to survive and still somehow synchronize the future.

Boruto’s adventures outside Naruto’s knowledge

There are Boruto’s adventures that Naruto couldn’t have known and are actually quite original. The Boruto goes to Prison arc seems to be original enough. Although I woul personally take this to be a parellel to the tracking Mizuki’s mission and the dream somehow just found a way to work that into Naruto’s current world.

The Takeaway

While this is just a theory, it’s still fun and chilling how so many points apply on so many levels. Many of the events, themes and even characters mirror that which Naruto would have expected or wanted. How about you? what’s your take in this theory?

Bonus: a challenge to surmount

If true, this might even provide a nice challenge for Boruto and his generation in the end game scenario where they all have to break out of the dream and save everyone, tying up with the ending of Naruto Shippuden with that of Boruto.




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